STRAP Body Tape - The diverse ways it can be used

STRAP Body Tape - The diverse ways it can be used
There are many ways that STRAP Body Tape can be used, not just for injury management.

STRAP is a natural and breathable strapping tape made from 100% bamboo fibre - without plastic or latex.
Lightweight design for maximum comfort and support, that works for your body and the earth. Suitable for sensitive skin types.

Sports tape for prevention - to help reduce muscle fatigue, provide stability, and minimise the risk of injury during physical activities.

Sports tape for injuries - to support injured muscles or joints and aid in the healing process.

Base Layer for Rigid Tape - You can use it as a base layer of tape to support thicker, rigid tape if you have sensitive skin or for the elderly with thin and fragile skin - to protect the skin from damage and irritation when the tape is removed.

Posture correction - It can be applied to the back, shoulders, or neck to promote proper posture and alignment during physical activities or daily tasks.

Securing equipment - It can be used to secure equipment, such as shin guards, ankle braces, or knee pads, to ensure they stay in place during intense physical activities.

Body Tape
 - it can be used to support breasts or stick clothing down to provide wardrobe versatility and discreet support under clothing.

Our amazing customer Sarah used STRAP in a super creative way with great results:

"I love running and am large busted. The only way I have found to avoid major skin chafing is to tape under the edge of my sports bra. This tape doesn't irritate my skin and I feel much better knowing it is compostable and am I'm not putting all that tape into landfill!"

Sarah L



Always seek advice from a medical professional. Not to be used on open wounds. Consult your doctor if you suffer serious injury, if pain increases or if any irritation occurs. 

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