NEW Eco First-Aid Kit

NEW Eco First-Aid Kit

Is an Eco First Aid Kit even possible?

We set out on a mission to find out.

While it can be pretty easy to swap things like straws, coffee cups and plastic cutlery for sustainable alternatives, first aid is a much greater challenge.

For many years our customers have built their own first aid kits using our PATCH bamboo strips, but other components were often much harder if not impossible to find as an eco-alternative. We knew we had to work hard to find better solutions.

We have spent over a year refining our new Eco First Aid Kit to ensure that all the components inside were sustainable. We have found solutions for plastic free cotton buds, gauze pads and we have included a range of different sizes of our PATCH bamboo bandages such as strips, dots, squares and rectangles - everything you need to patch up life's little accidents. 

Packaged together in a convenient refillable tin, you can pop in the cupboard for when you need it. We know it is important to always have an emergency stash of first aid supplies and you can feel good knowing that your kit is full of safe and conscious wound care solutions.

The Answer: An Eco First Aid Kit is possible!

Here's what we've put inside our kit

Containing:5 x PATCH Aloe Vera Eco Bandage Strips 5 x PATCH Charcoal Eco Bandage Strips 5 x PATCH Natural Eco Bandage Strips 5 x PATCH Coconut Oil Eco Bandage Strips 2 x PATCH Natural Large Square Bandages 2 x PATCH Aloe Large Rectangle Bandages 5 x PATCH Natural Eco Dot Bandages 2 x PATCH Charcoal Gauze Pads 1 x PATCH Cohesive Wrap Bandage 30 x Bamboo Cleaning Buds 1 x PATCH Black Tweezers 1 x PATCH Black Scissors 1 x PATCH Safety Pouch 1 x PATCH First-Aid Tin 

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