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PATCH Strips | Natural Wound Care

2018 Awards


PATCH is crafted with 100% organic bamboo fibre with the added natural goodness of activated charcoal, aloe vera and coconut oil.

We take pride in using natural, organic, biodegradable and sustainable resources, that are historically proven to soothe symptoms whilst promoting wound recovery for even the most sensitive skin types. 

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  • Can you imagine how many bandaids we use at our house? I was pleased to discover @patchstrips are made from organic bamboo & suitable for all skin types 🐼 Some even have activated charcoal (helps draw out impurities & reduce redness) Aloe Vera (to help soothe) OR Coconut Oil to help gently repair 😍Plus they’re an Aussie invention! Even better!


  • I don't usually have sensitive skin, but I recently had to wear some traditional bandaids/dressings over some superficial wounds for a few days. After just one day my skin broke out in red marks & welts and was incredibly itchy, which lasted for a few days after I'd removed the dressings. As I was required to cover the wounds again to avoid rubbing, I tried PATCH strips instead and experience absolutely none of the affects of the previous dressings I'd used. Absolutely zero!! I'll now be keeping PATCH strips in my house for all future requirements and definitely won't go back to traditional bandaids.

    Kristy-Retreat Yourself

  • PATCH is a fantastic wound care alternative! I love all things that are eco-friendly and was so happy to find these. I especially love the Charcoal and Aloe Vera. Great packaging which can be reused, Cute Logo too. Well done Patch! I am one of your stockists too.


  • The Best Product on the market! 

    J Malcom

  • Obsessed!!

    I've tried a few different eco friendly bandaids and they're rubbish. They FALL OFF RATHER FAST. These however, survived the shower and stayed on my blister even during a workout with my shoe rubbing against it! DAMN GOOD STUFF


  • I will only support a brand that we truely believe in ! We love your strips ! Being a mother of 6 children I wished we had these years ago. Xx


  • These are organic bamboo bandaids! I almost did a cartwheel when i stumbled across these PATCH strips recently. They are so beautifully made from organic bamboo and coconut oil on the gauze!


  • You may well have changed everything in this little man's world!! 


  • Thankfully Patch have created Strips that are made from bamboo, coconut oil and tiny suction cups! This makes them so much nicer on kids skin, so cuts and grazes are no longer a problem. He can return to play straight away


  • At the beginning of the year, I made a promise to focus on only bringing items into our home that are natural and kind to the environment. Yesterday I picked up some PATCH strips and can not wait to try them out!! Fun fact - I’ve been allergic to band aids since birth. I have a feeling this will work wonders for me!


  • I love this industry and seeing the amazing people who are innovating natural and environmentally better products, like James Dutton who has created Patch Strips as a natural alternative to regular adhesive plasters after his young son had an allergic reaction to them.

    Aussie Health Products

  • New product venture Patch Strips the first organic wound care adhesive strips completely natural & biodegradable and in our opinion will be best product the world has seen on so many levels -very exciting!



    Great on blisters. After getting some pretty nasty blisters during lots of walking on holiday I patched my feet up with these. I expected them to come off quickly from the rubbing of my shoes but three days later they were still stuck well protecting and healing my feet. Fantastic!   


  • So Happy! I used one on the tip of my finger (a tough spot for band aids) and it stayed on well, even after it got wet. Love that they are biodegradable, i've never thought about eco band aids before! 


  • I love people who come up with amazing ideas and then put it in the market.James saw my bite and suggested trying the activated charcoal version it has activated bamboo charcoal gauze which helps to draw out all the nasties and reduce redness and of course repaired my wound!! 


  • Love this product, i have been sensitive in the past to bandaids. I love this product and have had no reaction at all!! I also love they are black. Great work guys


  • Great Alternative. Love the soft fabric so much better than the mainstream fabric or plastic ones. Was a good size and doesn’t make me have a rash from the sticky stuff!


  • Best for my kids! My child cant wear bandaids at all. These are the best no itchiness and no red marks! The kids love them too.


  • Fantastic! I received a sample in my beauty box and used one of the patches on a small cut on my finger. I left the patch on overnight and when I removed it in the morning my skin did not have that nasty wrinkly look and feel after using normal bandaids. The patches really allow the skin to still breathe under the patch. Not to mention the cut was healed practically overnight!


  • PATCH is amazing as I am allergic to all adhesive dressings - including steristrips - which makes surgeries very difficult!

    Hana B

  • These always come in handy. Sturdy for a pack to throw in a bag. Even whipped them out on the weekend when another family needed an adhesive!



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