MEDIA RELEASE: PATCH wins Amazon Innovation Award 2021

MEDIA RELEASE: PATCH wins Amazon Innovation Award 2021

Amazon Launchpad, a program by Amazon Australia that empowers small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) for growth, has awarded baresop, Goldilocks Suit, PATCH, UpFlow Brewing Co. and Milkdrop for their innovative ideas and unique product offerings.

Chadd Ciccarelli, Head of Launchpad, Amazon Australia said, “Amazon Launchpad highlights innovative, cutting-edge products from start-ups, and entreprenuers from around Australia and the world, making it easy for them to on-board, market and launch new products to Amazon customers.

“As the Amazon Launchpad Innovation Grants are all about celebrating innovation in small businesses, it’s been amazing to see so many strong businesses apply to take part in this year’s program. It is a timely reminder that the Australian entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, despite such a challenging year.”

From PATCH founder James Dutton, “We’re excited about being able to deliver amazing brand education to our target market, while driving growth for our business on,” says James. “Our goal is to be in every household around the world.”

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