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PATCH VALUE PACK - 100 Panda Bamboo Bandages

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100 x Coconut oil infused Panda Bandages

A world first in wound care, PATCH is an eco-friendly and sustainable solution to common first-aid. We developed PATCH with both your skin, and the planet in mind. Our bandages are hypoallergenic, great for sensitive skin and latex free.  


+ soft, breathable bamboo for faster healing

+ non-toxic adhesive

+ double layered, natural bamboo pad

+ organic bamboo fibre contains a range of compounds that provide antioxidant, skin-soothing and astringent properties

+ custom woven, organically sourced & mechanically-pulped bamboo fabric 


+ internationally award winning

+ always animal friendly / cruelty free

+ recommended by medical professionals

+ latex free / thimerosal (merthiolate/mercury) free

+ way cooler than that stuff you've had in your cupboard for 10 years 

Why are we different?

PATCH Strips have been designed as a topical plaster dressing, to help smaller cuts and scratches stay clean and safe while you heal. PATCH adheres super gently through our hypoallergenic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA), reducing risk of irritation. This unique technology has been a saviour for so many PATCH customers across the globe - just read our testimonials!

Instructions for use:

PATCH strips work best applied on clean, dry skin. Clean and dry the area. Apply bandage directly to skin and change daily or as needed. Need more? Visit our FAQ's here. 

Doing good, to feel good!

Did you know every online purchase plants a tree? And that PATCH regularly donates to charities across the globe? We're passionate about making sure everyone can have access to health and wound care, and are proudly known as one the Top B Corps globally. To offset the impact of our travel and carbon emissions, we work closely with Trees For the Future, planting forest gardens to support regenerative agriculture. 

Customer Reviews

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Great as always

I love these bandages because I don’t feel quite as guilty when my kids grab one and they don’t really need it. "Was that actually bleeding or was it just a little pink, honey?”

I don’t actually think they stick super well, but that’s not a bad thing (given the kids don’t need them to stay on for days anyway) and I’m sensitive to other brands’ adhesives, so it’s nice to have something that I don’t react to, but don’t expect these to stick with the full strength of something that’s plastic.

That’s not a criticism - lots of more eco friendly stuff doesn’t last as long as the plastic versions, but that’s the point, right? Anyway, I’ve been buying for years and while maybe my kids are getting a little old for these cute patterns, they sure are nice.


Happy overall but not terribly long lasting

Stylish and practical packaging

These are hardy adhesive bandages. They have great stick, as well easy release, stylish and practical packaging.

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Panda Bamboo Bandages

I love these Panda Bandages! I get them for myself as they are just too cute :) I only buy Patch bandages now as they don’t leave red marks on my skin and they don’t rip your skin off when you remove them. I also love that they are sustainably sourced and cruelty free. The best bandages around, in my opinion!

These Bandaids are better than the Band Aid brand!

These bandaids actually stick to your skin (instead of not fully sticking to your skin)

Pro’s of these band aids:

1. They have coconut oil in them (so it leaves your skin soft)

2. There Latex Free!!

3. The Band Aids are cute!!!


They rip your body hair off.

Overall, I would TOTALLY buy them again…. if they were sold in stores and not on clearance!!