Our Story...


PATCH was born when James Dutton, the founder of Nutricare, noticed that while patching up his son's badges of adventure that his boy's skin reacted badly to common adhesive plasters. Not every dad and mum knows that there's a huge number of chemicals in the adhesives of our bathroom cupboard go-to's. With an ever growing number of the population allergic to the current solutions. James found himself weighing up whether to let the wound be free or use a makeshift patch; most famously a tissue and elastic band wrapped around a big toe. He wished for a wound care solution that would both enable healing and not confine his son to the couch when there was still exploring to be done or footy to be played!

 // Charlie and James Dutton -  Meet the Driving force //

// Charlie and James Dutton -  Meet the Driving force //




We believe reducing our carbon footprint is our future, and strive to make ours as light as possible, which is why we've chosen to work with bamboo on this unique product line.

Here's why we're excited about bamboo, the latest 'it' girl on the el naturel scene: Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource that grows many times faster than trees, uses much less water, produces up to 35 more oxygen and doesn't need pesticides or herbicides! There is no certification in the medical device segment but we use organic certified components - so you know it's only the good stuff!


Why Choose PATCH?

We believe our product is the best adhesive bandage available - here's why!


PATCH organic strips are the natural approach to wound care. 

We've made them with organic bamboo fibre and added extra natural goodness in the form of activated charcoal, aloe vera and coconut oil all natural and historically proven to soothe symptoms and wound recovery.

PATCH has been engineered to be the most sensitive and natural wound care alternative in the market. Hypoallergenic adhesive to even the most sensitive skin types.

That means no more red marks from your typical plasters!