'ALLERGIC' Is The New Normal

Meet Sarah.

She makes up the 1 in 4 people that are allergic to regular adhesive bandages. 

Suffering from autoimmune diseases, vitiligo, hyper-sensitive skin, dermatitis, latex allergies.

Sarah expressed a lifetime of frustration built up by 'try's and mis-buys' when it came to shopping for an appropriate skin care for her hypoallergenic skin.

It bought me so much joy when i told her about a suitable alternative to wound care, that would reduce her widened search to just ONE PRODUCT. That's PATCH

Laughing with excitement and complete relief she mentioned:

"previously i would cover any wounds, whether on my leg, arm, head even- with metres and metres of bandages"

In the hope that it would provide enough pressure to stop the bleeding, not soak all the way through, and keep the wound hygienic and clear from infection. Sounds like a nightmare if you ask me.

"Let's just say i lost a lot of street credibility when i walked around the streets with no other alternative other than to wrap a white bandage around my head. It was humiliating"

 "I have struggled my whole life to find an effective solution... until now"

 Sarah is not alone in this battle. She one of thousands of people, who struggle on a day to day basis with the pure inconvenience of not having a natural, hyper-sensitive alternative on the shelf...


Until now.


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