patching up a big problem

PATCH has been the catalyst for many healing testimonies around the world


Sally’s story is no different..


I woke up one morning to my right wrist in a lot of pain. I couldn’t even apply any pressure to the point without extreme pain shooting right up my arm.

My usual energy levels are quite high, however i felt a flood of extreme lethargy this morning. 

I went from waking up at 5am and running 10-15km daily, to not being able to get out of bed.


The pain became seemingly worse, and swelling began to rise. Still struggling to pin point what the pain had derived from, i continued on with my day.


Come day three i put the cause down to cruise sea legs, however my symptoms were worsening with each day that went by. The concern was growing even greater.


I had woken up on the fourth day with very alarming symptoms.

I called the ambulance, tests were done, and found it to be a spider bite that was causing my symptoms to enter into the blood-stream. I was immediately prescribed with a high dosage of antibiotics every 6 hrs for 7 days.

James read my post on Facebook and asked me would I try his product. I definitely loved the idea of the Charcoal infused PATCH. knowing back in the day my parents used something similar  to draw out the gunk in splinters and bites. 

Desperate to find a solution, i found out where PATCH was sold, and was in the car within minutes. I needed to try something other than your normal band aid. 

Within hours of applying the activated charcoal patch, the pain and throbbing had subsided.  Swelling had reduced, there was no shooting pain up my arm, no pulsing on my wrist. It was crazy.


The PATCHES helped with drawing out the redness and toxins from the wound by oxygenating and cleansing the infection. 

More importantly, i was absolutely blown away with the improvement i felt over the course of the week. 

Well after a lot of Drs daily in the hospital checking on me most if not all definitely said it looks like a white tail spider, as it was eating my flesh and left a hole.

“I can’t recommend this product enough. James is definitely onto a great thing, and I can now say this product speaks for itself. I have no doubt that patch has made my healing process that much quicker”
— S Barker