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PATCH wants to Sponsor some of the best Athletes in the world across a multitude of sports.

Want to know what it takes? Keep reading to find out how to be sponsored by the newest brand in adventure sports!


To be considered a candidate, it is an essential quality to be a leader in your sport.

Being a leader doesn’t always mean pushing the boundaries by doing the hardest tricks, it requires courage, determination, and standing out from the crowd.

A leader is someone who displays good sportsmanship, is a role model to others and lives an adventurous life. So, find what makes you special and become a leader in that.

Yes, we love our sports idols, but we encourage you to find your unique style and lead others to do the same.


Although this isn’t vital, PATCH gravitates towards supporting our younger talent. Instead of simply sponsoring the already established and successful icons, we like the idea of finding the potential in our young talent and supporting them towards the peak of their career!

 Do you have potential to be our next up-and-comer?


PATCH is looking for people that will represent the brand with ease. Someone that embodies the ‘PATCH way of life’ is one who maintains a healthy, active, natural and adventurous way of life!

Being able to represent yourself to others in person or on social media is key to a great candidate.

We want to see what you’re about and so does the rest of the world! 


It’s a no-brainer, we want to see you representing PATCH to the best of your ability.  

So wear your PATCH of honour with pride and finesse and be the new, cool, eco-warrior on the block!

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered everywhere you go (pun definitely intended).



Think you have all of the right qualities to be a PATCH hero? Now it’s time to get our attention and tell us why you think you’d be the perfect fit!

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  1. Build your Social Media profile. We all know Social Media nowadays is vital when it comes to building your profile/brand. To build a strong following you have to get yourself out there, the same way you do with your sports! Start tagging @patchstrips to get our attention too.
  2. Get your head in the game. Sporting contests are an excellent way to show your dedication, love and passion for what you do! You don’t have to be the best of the best, more importantly, we want to see you give it a go with everything you have! Be fearless!
  3. Start spreading the news! We want to see, hear and watch you wear PATCH with pride in your community! Community Projects are a great way to reach out to your wider network of friends, teammates and family members. Contact your closest PATCH helper today and find out ways to collaborate! We are always happy to support!
  4. Document your success! We always keep an eye out for our little sporting hero’s and love to receive footage along the way! More importantly, live a life full of fun and adventure, you do this and we will notice you.


Contact us and tell us your spin!!!

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