Research (1) has revealed 87 per cent of Australians surveyed would be likely to switch to a natural and environmentally focused wound care brand. Additionally, 90 per cent said they are likely to switch to products that had minimal packaging.

June 5, 2019 marks World Environment Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness and encouraging action for the protection of the environment. All PATCH bandages are made from 100 percent organic bamboo fibre, are completely compostable and plastic-free, including all packaging. PATCH has been documented in a video to break down into the soil in a matter of weeks, reducing environmental impact and minimising its commercial footprint.

PATCH Founder and CEO James Dutton says,

“Our mission is to be the leading sustainable wound care solution product on the market, creating a positive message to eliminate plastic from the environment. We are so excited about what this product means for families and the future of our planet.”

In just over 18 months PATCH has expanded to more than 32 countries. In addition to numerous international awards, PATCH’s most recent achievement was winning the Best New Eco Living Product at the Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2019, highlighting innovative organic products that inspire and uphold industry integrity.

On the achievement, Mr. Dutton says

“PATCH can now pave the way for a more sustainable product choice in the traditionally ‘wasteful’ wound care category. Winning these awards provides us with further motivation to push boundaries in the personal care market as we strive to create innovations that offer quality natural, organic and sustainable alternatives”.

In addition to its environmental credentials, PATCH was created when Mr. Dutton discovered his son, Charlie, had an adverse reaction to a common adhesive bandage. Research (2) has since revealed that one in four Australians surveyed have adverse reactions to commercial wound covering and 85 per cent claimed they would choose a natural wound care alternative.

“What began as a need for my young son, has now expanded to a worldwide venture. PATCH is made from the most premium natural ingredients to provide a truly hypoallergenic and earth friendly solution to wound care, whilst conveniently providing the extra benefit of activated charcoal, aloe vera and coconut oil embedded in the gauze to help the skin,”

Mr. Dutton added.

PATCH is now available in over 995 Woolworths stores Australia-wide and can also be purchased at National Pharmacies, IGA Supermarkets, health food stores nationwide, and online at

The award-winning PATCH bandages are fully accredited and consist of 25 individually wrapped sterile dressings. The range includes four different products:

  • Patch Natural - For Cuts & Scratches RRP: $7.99

  • Patch Coconut Oil Kids - For Abrasions & Grazes RRP: $7.99

  • Patch Aloe Vera - For Burns & Blisters RRP: $7.99

  • Patch Charcoal - For Bites & Splinters RRP: $7.99

For more information visit or @patchstrips #patchstrips on Instagram.

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(1) 2018 Pureprofile Audited National Survey Results

(2) 2018 Pureprofile Audited National Survey Results

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