About Patch

We care deeply about people and the environment, so we combined the two to create Patch. It's our way of bringing natural and organic choices to the consumer market.

Why... because the world needs cleaner, more natural innovations to combat our environmental, health and wellness challenges.

Our Journey

In late 2015 our founder, James Dutton, experienced the collective frustration of the limited available products in the wound care segment. Fed up, he embarked on engineering a solution, and our first product line was born - an all-natural solution for wound care.

In March of 2016, after two years of research and development, Patch was incorporated and by 2017 we launched our first line of natural products; taking them from dream to reality. PATCH is now sold in 20,000+ retailers in 40 countries around the world.
With an extensive product range, PATCH is the leader in eco-friendly and sustainable solutions to common first-aid.

Our business is a force for good. That’s why we’re proudly listed as Best For The World, and one of the top 5% B-Corp companies for our category in the world.

We Give Back

By minimising our environmental footprint, we reduce the global impact. We empower our customers to make better choices and maintaining a steady growth.

For every order placed online, we plant a tree.
For every new retailer we gain, we plant a tree.

To date, and with your help we have planted over 28,000 trees since the start of our partnership.

We wanted to commit to something impactful and genuine. Trees For the Future are based on community education around regenerative agriculture, so that we can directly impact the lives of others, from the ground up.

Our Materials

Irritating chemicals such as acrylics and latex that are present in wound care, are the reason approximately one in four people are inhibited from being able to use traditional products.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure the materials in our bandages are safe and effective, whilst being gentle on the skin.