We PATCHED UP one of the world’s largest trade shows Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California! The first compostable and hypoallergenic bandages made their debut at the Hilton Hotel Ballroom with over 80,000 attendees. 

This innovation has taken the US by a storm and announced the NEXTY Awards “BEST NEW NATURAL LIVING NATURAL PRODUCT" of 2019. 

Twice yearly, New Hope Network holds the NEXTY Awards to highlight the next big innovative, inspirational, and integrity-driven products that are influencing the natural market, and PATCH is just that!


“We are very excited that our natural bamboo bandages have been awarded the winner for this years Nexty Award,” 

said PATCH Founder & CEO James Dutton.

“We have worked so hard to provide the world a natural alternative, with minimal packaging footprint. Ultimately it was our goal to make our product safe for sensitive skin, and the environment. Our strips can break down into soil in a matter of weeks!”

James Dutton.

According to the PR Newswire 'Australian-born brand PATCH shines brightly in the USA!' and continues to take on bigger and better retailers across the country. With incredible media coverage and brand presence, our PATCH Bamboo Bandages are shining brighter than ever before. 

We’re the #1 planet-friendly and skin friendly wound-care product on social media! Check us out  on Instagram at @patchstrips  & Twitter via @Patchstrips  

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