We started PATCH, the first zero waste first aid solution, to be a positive force for good.
Here, we showcase some of our partners who are helping to push sustainable change.
Below are three inspiring women who are eco-warriors in their respective areas.

Lauren Singer
Lauren Barnes
Jennifer Nielsen


Lauren Singer Founder of Package Free Shop

"At Package Free, we believe that small actions have a big impact on the environment! If we all came together on Earth Day 2021 to take one simple, sustainable action with the good of the planet in mind, we’d be better than we were the day before.  And it doesn’t have to stop there! If we kept acting with the future in mind year round — whether through composting food scraps, helping to get a bike lane in your city, or simply using a bamboo bandage — it would mean a world of difference come Earth Day 2022."

Lauren Singer is an activist and the Founder and CEO of Package Free, a brand on a mission to make the world less trashy by offering sustainable versions of every product. A pioneer of the Zero Waste movement, you may also know her as “the girl with the jar” because she went viral for storing 9 years worth of trash in a single 16 oz Mason jar!

Find PATCH at the following select Nordstrom stores as part of the Package Free Shop-In Program through Mother's Day, or at packagefreeshop.com

"This is one of the most hopeful Earth Days I have celebrated. The end of the COVID-19 pandemic is in sight and I feel like more and more strides are being made in the spirit of environmental consciousness; if we keep up the sudden progress brought about by the past year, even brighter (and greener) days are ahead."

Lauren Barnes is a defender for OL Reign of the National Women's Soccer League and an advocate for environmental justice. Hailing from Southern California, eco-friendly living has long been a cornerstone of Lauren's life. As her professional career continues to unfold, Lauren plans to keep using the platform afforded to her through soccer to affect real change in the fight for justice on all fronts.

PATCH is proud to be featured in the Make A Difference (MAD) Travel Kit created by Lauren Barnes to showcase eco-friendly alternatives to typical items that athletes use every day.

Don’t stress about making perfect Eco choices. Nothing is perfect. Making conscious decisions is far better than making no decisions. If you make a mistake, learn from it & try again next time.  Now, more than ever, we need to look to what combines us rather than fight what separates us. The faster we focus on the goals we have in common, the more hope we have of communicating, collaborating and changing. It's actually not that hard to simply do something consciously - it’s up to you to make the decision to always choose the more ethical option. Vote with your consumer choices and say no to Palm oils, say no to irresponsible packaging and chemicals, and rethink your travel miles impact." 

Jennifer is the founder of ekko.world and Champion for and promoter of eco businesses and climate solutions. Fighting for more transparency in how products are made and sold in order to shift the responsibility paradigm for personal and corporate consumption to conduct. And to rethink the meaning of all waste - time, money, food, people.

If you are an everyday person who wants to be a better citizen and are looking for a place to start, easily, check out ekko.world


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