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'ALLERGIC' is the new normal II

Meet Chris,

He falls into the majority of ‘non-adhesive lovers’ too.

For 24 years Chris has battled with finding a suitable wound coverage that won’t cause any nasty burns, rashes, or reactions to his hyper sensitive skin.

‘What a long 24 years it’s been’.

Chris’s childhood reflected that of a ‘revolving door of wound coverage’. As a young child, the school playground, or backyard didn’t seem too appealing, knowing what he was in for if he picked up a slight cut or graze. His mother, would have to stop him from freely playing,  pull him out of the yard, just to change and dress his wounds on an hourly rotation. ‘She tried everything’ he explained. We soon accepted defeat, realising that we had 1 of 3 options:

1. Let the wound heal el natural

2. Cotton wool

3. Slap some homemade concoction on the wound and keep your fingers and toes crossed

When desperate times called for desperate measures, Chris resorted to a makeshift style tape, bandage, or whatever was somewhat sterile at the time.

‘It sounds dramatic, but unless you’re in the position or know someone who is you don’t understand the battle- the inconvenience- and the reality of really not being able to do anything about it. I think that outweighed everything else for me’.

Here’s where the story takes a turn…

When Chris’s mother stumbled across patch she was dumbfounded. Saying goodbye to 24 years of trial and error, try’s and mis-buys, became a whole lot sweeter. So much so, that Chris now uses patch as his means to an end for wound care and healing.

‘It sounds silly, but honestly- it’s made my life so much easier... because even though i still manage to get wounds, now there is a solution’

There is a large portion of the population that suffer silently with hyper sensitive skin. If that is you, then share your story at

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