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We're proud to be internationally recognised as a certified B Corporation, which is globally recognised as the highest standard for social corporate responsibility. The tribe of B Corps...

Why We Started

Meet Charlie. Adventure obsessed and regular Aussie kiddo, that happens to be allergic to plasters and the reason we started PATCH. When his dad (James) noticed that while trying to protect his so...

What PATCH is doing for our earth

Did you know most traditional bandages are made from plastic? The adhesive sheet of a regular bandage is usually made from a type of plastic, either PVC, polyethylene, or polyurethane that don’t br...

Why regular bandages can cause reactions

Did you know 1 in 4 people are allergic to common adhesive bandages? These people struggle to find wound coverage that won’t cause any nasty burns, rashes, or reactions. Our modern world is filled ...


PATCH has been the catalyst for many healing testimonies around the world Sally’s story is no different..

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